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Life Coaching

The counselors of Patricia M. Wright, PhD don’t simply offer counsel in matters of mental health, but Christ-guided advice and coaching in all matters of life, from relationships, to business, to the spiritual needs of our fellow Christians, and general life coaching services.


A common belief that tends to arise among those in new relationships is that love will simply happen effortlessly, and this sadly makes some feel as though any periods of disillusionment must mean the end of love. Our counselors know that love takes work and focus, and is prepared to help you make your plan for a successful relationship.

We offer counsel to those struggling in relationships, or simply seeking advice of where to go from here. Our counselors are trained to identify and capitalize on strengths while working through weaknesses of your relationship. We recognize that any relationship must involve God to succeed, and support and advise you in following God’s model for a healthy relationship between man and woman.

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Maintaining appropriate, godly business ethics is not always easy in our ungodly world. Patricia M. Wright, PhD understands this too well, our counseling service itself being a strongly Christian business. We’re prepared to coach you with appropriate verses to show God’s perspective on running an honest business in His eyes, making wise and ethical decisions that adhere to the principals laid down for us to follow as God’s children.


As Patricia M. Wright’s counseling is strongly faith-based, our counselors know that not all problems are purely medical – many of the issues we go through weigh heavily on the spirit, and we all experience difficulty sometimes in finding God’s plan for us through the strife in our lives. The counselors of Patricia M. Wright, PhD are here to lend you guidance and comfort, and to strengthen your connection to God and your understanding of His word.



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